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Alopecia (patchy hair fall)
Hair represents strength said Louise Hay. She also says that Fear, Tension and trying to control everything and not trusting the process of life can lead to baldness. Indirectly the less tension the scalp undergoes the more hair we may possibly have. While affirming, “I am safe. I love and approve of myself. I trust life” one needs to also consider the genetic disposition due to which this occurs. 

Please refer to hair fall control and hair growth for more details.

Androgenic alopecia (bald head)
Female baldness may be caused due to genetic indisposition, androgenic hormones/ receptors as a common cause; in rare cases drugs including testosterone, danazol, corticortopin, anabolic steroids, progesterone; adrenal tumour, pituitary tumour, PCS, Ovarian tumour etc. 

We at Novocare recommend life style changes with appropriate medication and diet that helps hair growth. We do not claim to abolish baldness but we do our best to help curtail and help in hair growth.

Please refer to hair fall control and hair growth for more details.

Grey hair control

Silver linings look good on clouds. Salt and Pepper looks are good on individuals who would like to carry them well. To those who believe ‘Black is beautiful or any other colour but grey”, Novocare honours your SELF.

Our hair is made of root and shaft and the colour of the shaft is determined by the amount of melanin it has. While genes determine how early you get your grey hairs, alopecia also may result in grey hair.

Drink a lot of water and eat well as hair condition is the indicator of your health. At Novocare we have hair spas and therapies to take care of your grey hair condition.

Lice Treatment

There are several home remedies you could try like a delousing shampoo, 50-50% water and Vinegar washes – remember to wash hair well with water to remove the vinegar smell. A stronger dose would be to use one cup of vinegar and one cup of olive oil rub into scalp one hour before shampooing. Mayonnaise and Petroleum jelly also have an effect on lice when you leave it overnight and cover your head with a shower cap.

For 100 % Lice Treatment visit us and meet our consultant.