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Any hair growth in unwanted regions of our body is subject to higher rate of removal. Some use temporary methods while others prefer permanent hair removal.

Affordability comes into question while using permanent methods. Consider permanent hair removal with the likes of buying a home as opposed to living on rented property.

Money is spent in both the cases – one over a period of time but you never have a home of your own; second you may shell out larger amounts financially but you own your home.

Added advantage of convenience and no hassle rest of your life.

Depilatory creams, shavers, waxing, etc make your skin age faster. Androgen is the cause for excess hair growth. Using spearmint tea can help eradication as also using the paste of raw papaya and lemon for 15 minutes. While these home remedies are said to be helpful you would want to check our permanent hassle free solutions.

Electroepilation and Laser are methods we use.

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