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Skin pigmentation is the result of natural selection. To explain natural selection in simple terms – let us consider black butterflies and black butterflies with white spots. Over a period of time both existed, but when a lot of coal was used during industrial revolution everything would be covered with sooth. Now predators would catch a butterfly anyway. But the chances of catching a black butterfly with white spots was more against dark backgrounds than black ones hence black butterflies had a better chance of survival than black butterflies with white spots. Our skin has evolved centuries regulating ultra violet radiation penetrating the skin, controlling its biochemical effects and its condition today.

Pollution, Environmental changes, Work life balance, lifestyle, health regimen, immunity, hydration and its balance have its effects of the condition.

Melanin decides the pigmentation. Some have a balance, some less, none and some more.

We offer chemical peels, Dermabrasion and laser to correct skin pigmentation issues.

White is powerful, Black is Beautiful. Brown is grounded. We love all of them. It also helps to accept yourself or come visit us and discuss how you can rejuvenate yourself.