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At Novocare we use medical, natural, non surgical and surgical methods to improve hair growth. If you have let your hair fall or thinning happen for more than 2 years before deciding to take help then the results are minimum. The sooner you detect and take help the progress would be prospective.

While a good nutrition advice and natural methods take time, they reduce probability of side effects. Medical treatments need to be understood prior undergoing them. If you haven’t already researched about your issues and diagnosis you need to ask our consultants for intelligence on the same.

Snapshot of what stem cell treatment is about – That is our cornerstone for development when we are all growing up. As we age the process slows down and we use this to rejuvenate growth patterns by injecting DTH to balance the hormones that cause loss. Using this method is safe because stem cells are known to repair damaged cells and reform tissues and organs. They promote, nourish, strengthen and improve scalp and hair condition.