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While there are genetic reasons for hair fall or receding hairlines, it also is a good indicator for lifestyle correction, health and diet restoration requirement. Stress, health issues, pregnancy and childbirth, chemicals and environment are a few other causes. (Hair represents our strength. When we are tense and afraid, we often create those bands of steel originate in the shoulder muscles and come over to the top of the head and sometimes even down around the eyes. Hair shaft grows through hair follicle and if the scalp is tight, your hair can no longer breathe and it falls out. Try it now. Tell your scalp to relax and feel if there is a difference. If yes, do it more often. – Extract from You Can Heal your Life by Louise Hay)

Hair treatments are both surgical and non surgical in nature. We at Novocare provide consultation to review and investigate the conditions for hair fall/ hair loss etc and suggest lifestyle correction, medical and/or procedures as per individual’s requirements.

Hair Restoration, Platelet Rich Plasma Injection, Stem Cell Therapy, Dandruff Control, Mesotherapy, Grey Hair Control are a few non surgical methods while hair transplant is surgical.

We help with

  1. Hair fall control
  2. Hair growth
  3. Dandruff treatments
  4. Alopecia (patchy hair fall)
  5. Androgenic alopecia (bald head)
  6. Grey hair control
  7. Lice Treatment
  8. Hair Transplantation