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When your hair is falling you need to look into your life and health. Have you been overzealous and yet suffering hair fall or have you been experimenting a lot with your hair? Hair is a reflection of your good health.

At Novocare we investigate the issues for hair fall in men and women – and the reasons are not the same in both genders when it comes to balding and receding hairlines. Do not dismiss your concerns but let us help you find the causes and diagnosis by meeting our consultants. If issue is purely medical then it would gradually improve with lifestyle changes and medical assistance. Nothing happens overnight, we need to be perseverant in our approach and finish what we begin. By leaving midway in any process you would be denying yourself a chance to know what works or doesn’t. You need to give yourself at least 6 months to see improvements.

Balding or thinning in women needs to be paid more attention although it is a matter of self esteem in cases of both. It can be a case of thyroid disorder, stress to chemotherapy but 90 % is genetic and needs to be treated medically. Hair loss during pregnancy is a huge sign and needs to be reported to your caregiver if you are pregnant. Unlike male baldness hair treatment for females is complex.

To move ahead from medical treatment to procedures – surgical and non surgical due diagnosis needs to be made. Hair Restoration, Platelet Rich Plasma Injections, Stem Cell therapy, Dandruff Control, Mesotherapy and Grey Hair control are some non surgical procedures.