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Health & Beauty Tips of the Week

Make sure you use high quality cotton wool pads, which you should moisten slightly before putting a little makeup remover on them: if you use too much cleanser, you're likely to end up with red and irritated eyes.

Hold the cotton pad against the closed lid for about thirty seconds, allowing the remover to gently dissolve away the remains of eye shadow and mascara.

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  2. Skin Care
  3. Body Care

You know what you want for yourself - skin, hair or body. Our expertise and equipments are what we help you with - recreate a beautiful you the way you visualize yourself

Novocare Cosmetic Clinic

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Affordable rates with excellent results. I am happy with the results - Mr.Narsimha
Good guidance and excellent treatment with low cost - Mr.Akshit
Value for money, excellent service and hospitality. - Mr.Shaik

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