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Weight Loss and DietCounseling

Majority of population is obese now a day. This is due to improper food habits and lack of exercise. Do you know that obesity can increase the risk of dreadful diseases like diabetes, cancer, etc? Are you obese? If yes, then you must immediately get enrolled into a Weight Loss and Diet Counseling now. We at Novocare provide you with an advisory treatment of Weight-Loss-and-Diet counseling which will help you lose weight. Being overweight increases your risk of disorders and this is why we are more concerned about you. Our expert Dr. Kamal provides dietary counseling offering you individualized nutritional care for meeting your emotional, mental and physical needs and encouraging the modification of eating habits. He is an expert in this aspect with 25 years of experience.

So, you will definitely have a successful weight loss regime. So, drop your burger bite and make a visit to our clinic if you want to shed those extra pounds. Our clinic is located at Himayat nagar in Hyderabad.

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