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Pigmentation Treatment

One of those severe problems is dark spots on the skin which is otherwise called Skin pigmentation. Due to various cause like irregular sleep, hormonal imbalance, this occurs. You can get to see many different treatments for hyperpigmentation from peels and lightening creams to laser therapy. Many have a wrong notion that discoloration of skin will fade away on its own and any kind of treatment is not necessary. No, never do such mistake! If you have pigmentation, then get a successful treatment for it. No need to roam about here and there in search as we at Novocare are right in front of your eyes.

We offer pigmentation treatment for skin pigmentation reduction, skin whitening & removal of dark spots or lightening of skin. Our dermatologist Dr. Kamal holds an appreciable span of experience in this field and will treat you in the best possible way you can never think of. Book your appointment today at our clinic located at Himayat nagar in Hyderabad.

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