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Dandruff treatments

Feel embarrassing to scratch your scalp all the time? Most probably you have got dandruffs and these are a common scalp disorder. It’s fairly easy to control and treat dandruff with patience although those pesky white flakes of dry skin can be annoying, especially if you're wearing dark colors. Primary-care providers or dermatologist at Novocare are being able to diagnose and offer efficient Dandruff-treatments. To nourish your scalp Dr. Kamal at Novocare provides various dandruff & itchy scalp treatments. Dermatologists are experts in skin diseases. He is our professional dermatologist and cosmetologist is very popular due to his clean job and 25 years of expert hands. Consultation with our expert dermatologist includes a step by step hair and scalp diagnosis during your treatment.

Our clinic situated at Himayat nagar is one of the leading skin care service in Hyderabad. Get your appointment booked today at our clinic and say bye to those white flakes forever.

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